How old to do online gambling in America?

In the United States, the law is stringent on the legal gambling age, and there are several reasons why you should avoid gambling at an online casino for real money when you are underage.


Gambling age refers to the minimum age set in a particular jurisdiction that one can gamble legally. Online gambling in America is legal but restricted, and individual states set the law. Online gambling can be lots of fun, and if you are lucky, you can win massive prizes. However, unless you are of the legal age when you play at an online casino or any other gambling site, you’re already setting yourself up for failure or in trouble with the authorities. The average minimum gambling age limit in the United States is 21 years, but in some states, you could be allowed to gamble as soon as you turn 18.

Legal Gambling Age in America

In the United States, the law is stringent on the legal gambling age, and there are several reasons why you should avoid gambling at an online casino for real money when you are underage. Some of the reasons include the fact that you will be breaking the law, which is punishable, and also it’s very unlikely that you will be paid even if you won. All licensed gaming operations strictly adhere to the legal gambling age, including poker rooms, casinos, and bingo halls. This ensures that casino bankroll management basics are provided for the legal age only, and no reputable casino will pay or allow any withdrawals for any winnings from underage players. Most online casinos require that you provide valid documents such as a driving license as proof of age during withdrawals.

The decision to lower the legal age restrictions for drinking and gambling to 18 like many other European countries has been a subject of debate in the United States for a long time. In America, you can start driving as young as 16 years or join the army at 18, but you cannot legally gamble until you turn 21. The argument is that gambling can be addictive, and even though you are an adult at 18, you still haven’t acquired good money management skills, which could lead you into financial ruin.

States that allow people to gamble at 18 years

The 21 years age limit set in most states in America is not a federal law. States, or in some cases counties, are required to set their own rules. The legal gambling age in some states is 18, but there are some games that you can’t access until you are 21. Examples of states where online gambling is legal at 18 include Alaska, Minnesota, Wyoming, Florida, Michigan, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and New York. Georgia imposes strict anti-gambling laws, but people above 18 can bet while off the coastline.

Gambling in Unlicensed Online Casinos

It is possible to find offshore casino sites that allow you to join and gamble at 18, even though your state restriction is 21. Most of these casinos operate against US laws, and the fact they’re breaking the state’s law is already a red flag. Gambling on such unlicensed sites while underage could land you in serious legal issues, and there’s still a high possibility that you won’t get paid even if you won.

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