Blackjack Strategy: When to Hit or Stand?

The most frequent decision you’ll have to make when playing blackjack at places like King Casino, is hitting or standing. While with experience, you can gain a feel for when to land or hit, you can expedite the process by studying the best moves to make the best decision. If you’re ready to win more cash while playing blackjack, read the following tips to learn when to hit and when to stand.

Learn the Basics 

Whenever you decide whether to hit or stay, you must adequately consider the risks and the odds of the game, taking into account all the current circumstances (player’s hand and dealer’s hand).

Before the strategies, let’s first look at the basics of when to hit and stand. Your main aim when playing blackjack is to get a hand whose total exceeds the dealer’s hand but does not go over 21.

Meaning of hit and stand 

When you hit, it means you want to draw another card to improve your hand’s total. When you stand, it means you’re satisfied with the total of your hand and don’t want additional cards. If you signal to stand, you’ll not be able to draw another card until the round is completed. And if you hit and your hand exceeds 21, you lose. 

When to hit or land 

Now that you understand the meaning of hit and understand, we’re going to look at two terms; hard hand and soft hand. A hard hand does not contain any ace, or an ace’s value is only one, while a soft hand contains an ace that counts as an 11.

When to hit or stand with a hard hand

  • If your hand has a total of 5-8, you should hit against any card the dealer holds.
  • When you are dealt 9, hit, but as long as the dealer’s face-up card is 2 or a 7 through ace. 
  • If your hand is 10, hit if the dealer has an ace or a 10
  • If you have a hand of 12, stand if the dealer has a 4 through 6. But if they show a 2,3, or a 7-through ace, hit. 
  • Always stand if the dealer shows a hand of 2 through 6 and you have a hand of 12. if the dealer doesn’t have a 2 through 6, hit.
  • Always stand when you’re dealt 17 through 21.

When to hit and stand with a soft hand

  • If you have a soft 19 or 20, it’s best always to stand. Chances are you won’t get a stronger hand than this.
  • You should stand if you have a soft 18 against the dealer’s 2 through 8.
  • If you have a soft 17 or less, you should stand if the dealer reveals 9, 10 or 20. 

Blackjack rules are simple to grasp, but knowing when to hit or stand is crucial. Ensure that before playing, you understand the basic strategies, so you know which decision to make in each situation. Follow the above tips to know when to hit or stand.

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